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These are my personal notes & developments; any opinion expressed on this page is just that :-)

MQTT on Wifi Principals

  • Assume no privacy
  • Send data, not information for scalability
  • Minimize the amount of wires, use more nodes if required

ESP8266 Node firmware development

Makerspace Leiden workshop op 23-01-2017

ESP Boards



Use proven test programs & setups to test the sensors, hardware and Wifi / MQTT setup before putting it all together.

Links to datasheets, standard libraries & examples of sensors i use; use the Arduino library manager to get these:

My own code

Pi3B Broker

Makerspace Leiden workshop on 27-02-2017


  • Download: Raspbian lite
  • Install on SD card following the instructions

Using a serial console

  • add line "enable_uart=1" at the end of /boot/config.txt
  • Pins: GPIO 6 gnd, 8 Pi Txd, 10 Pi RxD - 3V3 logic levels (!)
  • Speed: 115200



  • apt update
  • apt -y upgrade

Configure WLAN as accespoint & build a bridge