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This equipment is safety category 6: Other equipment with no limits.

This equipment is Noise Category 1: can only be used between 07:00 and 19:00.
Wear hearing protection.

DeWalt with new filter and clear bag (feb 2020)

DeWalt large dust extractor / MOT

Type DW60. DeWalt stopped making these machines in 1997 and does not support them any more. To order new filter(bag or clear bags see addresses below. In Feb 2020 the DeWalt got a new filter installed. A back-up filter and the clear plastic bags are located on the attic above the Miter Saw.


The dust flows through the ventilator/motor. So only suck up dust. Anything bigger will jam or damage the rotor/motor. Do not use to / as vacuum. Only use in combination with the Plainer and Joiner.


The extractor can only(!) be used for plain wood, so:

  1. NO laminated sheets (multiplex, triplex etc)
  2. NO chipboard
  3. NO furniture board
  4. or anything else that contains glue or other chemicals.

DO NOT use this machine for cleaning the floor, nothing else but wood chips should be in the bin.


  1. check if it needs to be emptied (the bag is translucent now, so that should not be too hard). 2/3 Full is maximum.
  2. check that there is not a lot of buildup in the tube; or bits of wood stuck.
  3. plug it in
  4. control it with the on/of switch on the side
  5. use only for Vandiktebank en Vlakbank, do NOT use it as a giant vacuum cleaner .

For cleaning the floor please use the Blue Nilfisk vacuum instead. If you are annoyed by the noise of the automatic filter cleaner just turn the main knob one position further….the automatic cleaning will end.

Post Use

  1. check that there is not a lot of buildup in the tube; or bits of wood stuck.
  2. unplug it
  3. if 2/3rd full - Empty the bag!


Empty the clear bag once it is about 2/3 full. Any more and it'll be a total mess. And as the engine will now spin in the dust - you may well smoldering chips & and an airflow. Not a fun situation.

  1. Empty the content of the clear bag in the small container
  2. If the small container is (almost) full, please put the bag next to the small container. You can fit a new plastic bag on the machine. You'll find these in a clear plastic bin on the small attic above the miter saw.
  3. When the small container has been emptied go to step one.


Periodically wash the filter bag in a washing machine. Use the rinse option 3 times before starting the wash program. Do not tumble dry. (From experience: Empty washing machine filter after rinsing and washing the filter bag.
There is an extra filter bag!

You can find the spare parts (Filter bag and Clear bags) in a clear plastic bin (picture will follow) on the attic above the Miter Saw.
Measurments both bags:

  1. diameter 500 mm
  2. Plat gemeten 800 mm
  3. Omtrek 1600 mm

Purchase Clear Bags:
Firma Teygeler Houtbewerking Order Clear Bags here

Purchase Filter Bags:
There is an extra filter bag in the clear plastic bin on the attic above the Miter Saw. Wash the used / dirty one at home. Do not tumble dry. If you somehow need to buy one, the are sold at Kippers Rijssen. Order Filter Bag here

There is a small NodeDeWalt Wifi monitor attached to the deWalt machine; much the same model as on the GrotePersluchtCompresssor and KleinePersluchtCompressor. It records if the machine is (left) on running or left plugged in during the night when there is no one.