Tinzuiger / Desoldeerbout / Desoldering Pump

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This equipment is Noise Category 3: Can be used at all hours. No limits.

This equipment is safety category 4:

  • In-person, instructions strongly advised but not mandatory.
  • Reading, and following, the instructions on the Wiki is mandatory!

IMG 3107.jpg Cleaning pins DesolderBox.JPG

Located at the soldering bench


Beware that you are handling molten metal. Consider wearing safetyglasses if things are likely to splatter.

Dont leave the machine turned on for a long time, the nozzle will corrode.

Manual / use

Manual in English and in Nederlands

Short list with the key points for usage, read the manual for the complete instructions.

  • Turn on the device by pressing the red button.
  • Select the temperature by pressing up/down buttons. Beware of the different between Celsius and Kelvin.
  • Put the nozzle over the pin that should be cleaned and let the solder melt.
  • Pull the trigger to suck the molten solder from the pin.
  • After use the gun should be cleaned by sucking clean for a few times (3-5). Also use the cleaning pins to clean the nozzle, after using those pins also suck the residual solder from the nozzle. Solder that is left in the nozzle will damage the nozzle.


After every usage the nozzle should be cleaned with a cleaning pin.

The glass tube should be emptied once in a while, read the manual for instructions how to do this.

There is a box with extra cleaning pins and the manual.

Trouble Shooting


History and Ownership

Bought late 2021; owned by the space.

Datum Comment
September 2021 Bought from Eleshop by the Makerspace.