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We maintain the space collectively - as an all volunteer effort.


  • vacuüm small room
  • And maybe the larger one too (or use a broom)
  • Dishes
  • clean kitchen
  • clean toilet
  • put bin out on the right day - volunteer in CRM
  • Check the various boxes with drills and replace them from the supply.
  • Clean and reoil the various metal working machines - including a thin coat of slideways-oil / lijbaan olie on the gangways/slides/lijbanen.
  • Return misplaced tools to where they belong.
  • Check compressors (Water seperators and condensation outlet)
  • Check drillbits (3x) and replenish from the green storage/bulk box
  • Specialist: clean LaserSaur (& Red&Blue engravers) Mirrors
  • Clean lasersaur bed
  • Clean air filter

Physical things

Small jobs

  • Vaccuum-clean small room.
  • Sort Plastic Stash under lasersaurus: Un-laserable PolyCarbonate is now mixed in with the laserable Acrylic. Move un-laserable PC (To where? Algemene voorraadkast? Lasersaurkast because it is what the saur is made of? Something Frees-ish because usable with frees?)

New dust control for the wood workshop: Succobus

  • add a polycarbonate window.
  • Tubing:
    • Put short pipes on each T junction behind each machine; then the Valve, then a short pipe and then a bit of hose of the right length. Secure with hose clamps. We'll need to make a few wooden/plastic adaptors on the lathe to get the diameters right.
  • Electrics:
    • Feed the bare-copper wire through all the tubes -- to stop static dust collection.

Blue Laser engraver/cutter

  • 12v waterpompje (voeding nodig)


  • Side panel for electronics is missing, they now get dusty. Clean & replace.

all the lasercutters

  • PID controll for water heater. We have multiple PID controllers in the recycle cabinet, if these are put in a nice housing they can control the heaters for the lasercutters (Water needs to be above .. C before cutting, in winter this is a problem).


  • Affix the dangling small 2 port junction box to the concrete slab above the space door. Plug's are in a box labeled thus in the green cabinet; the big green metabo drill in the woodshop can be set to hammering.

Documentation things

  • Update the wiki to describe the second garbage bin processes.
  • We have quite a few Tools without foto's or where we use bland photos from HBM. To replace. Ideally in situ so you know where things are.
  • Video of an expert (e.g. HansD) replacing & adjusting the knifes on the planer/jointer with the special tool.
  • put config files for the laos lasercutters on github
  • update wiki with new visicut
  • add a picture of the blue laser engraver to its wiki page

Cyber Things

  • Add OpenID or similar to the CRM and push/wire this up to wordpress and the wiki.
  • Find and install crosspost module on wordpress to twitter/facebook.
  • See if we can do post-by-email or simpler for wordpress.


  • Compressor for lasersaur: front motor's vent does not shut when powered, keeps venting. Also it is missing its dustcap.


  • fix holes in floor in large room (with the right kind of concrete / get it somewhat level and evenly)
  • procure/find/ask shops for scraps a piece of linoleum for the small room. Same thickness, any color. About .. cm wide / .. m long. Or smaller pieces that add up. Also glue and filament (for the seams).
    • put it all in place, fixing the "gutter" in front of E-table.


  • There is one outlet left of the abene that does not work, possibly a loose wire?
  • We 're out of 12V halogen bulbs for the small desklights (But the white/translucent one has had it's bulb replaced with the last spare)