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Status: Operational

This equipment is safety category 4:

  • In-person, instructions strongly advised but not mandatory.
  • Reading, and following, the instructions on the Wiki is mandatory!

This equipment is Noise Category 3: Can be used at all hours. No limits.

Cost of use

When using the Ultrasonic cleaner please place a donation of 2 euro's in the pot. This to cover for new cleaning agent when we run out.

What the machine does and especially what it is not designed to do.

Ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean many different types of objects. For example jewellery, optical parts, watches, surgical instruments, tools, fuel injectors, gears, industrial parts and electronic equipment. It remove dirt, grit, fat, grease, germs and other contaminations.

Don’t use it to clean items with a special layer or coating like certain glasses and lenses. The little implosions can damage these surfaces. Don’t place your diamonds in. Don’t place in object which cannot stand being emerged in fluids or objects which absorb water.

Link the the manual.


what sort of material it can best handle - and what sort of material may damage it.

The Ultrasonic cleaner can be used with demineralised water, demineralised water with soap, demineralised water with special additives, alcohol and special ultrasonic cleaner fluids.

Don’t place alkaline or acidic fluids in the Ultrasonic cleaner. These can damage the machine. The fluids should be fairly near neutral.

Don’t place flammable fluids in.

The control panel cannot stand contact with organic, strong acidic or alkaline solutions.

but I REALLY want to use some nasty stuff

Agressive fluids

Jar inside a Jar

If you need to use an aggressive cleaner - then simply fill a small jar to about 2/3 with that cleaner and place it in the normal/neutral water of the machine.

And put your things in the small jar. This way you do not ruin the machine.

Be extra careful with (hot) splattering on skin and into eyes.


where it is located

The Ultrasonic cleaner is placed on the table left of the sink in the hall towards the toilet.

A section on safety

Do not leave the machine running unattended. Stay at the space when it is on (or still very hot). Wear protective gloves when using Tickopur R 33 or other aggressive cleaning agents. Wear eye protection when using Tickopur R 33 or other aggressive cleaning agents. Unplug the machine when placing cleaning solution in and when taking the solution out.

Make sure the cleaning agent Tickopur R 33 will not make contact with your eyes. The cleaning agent will cause serious eye damage. When you get Tickopur R 33 in your eyes rinse them cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present.

Don’t make contact with your skin with Tickopur R 33. The cleaning agent which is available at the space will cause skin irritation. When you get Tickopur R 33 on your skin rinse with water.

The fluids in the Ultrasonic cleaner can be hot. Make sure not to leave it unattended with hot fluids in.

Don’t move the Ultrasonic cleaner with hot fluids in.

Don’t place flammable fluids in the Ultrasonic cleaner

Don’t place any of your body parts in the Ultrasonic cleaner when in operation or when it contains fluids without proper protection.

What to do if it is broken.

Report any issues or problems to the board of the MakerSpace.

Section on operating

Objects vibrating can cause damage to the cleaner always place the items which will be cleaned in the basket.

The Ultrasonic cleaner makes a lot of noise which can be very annoying. Make sure your fellow Makers are ok with you using it while they are there.

Cleaning fluid: The cleaner can be used with a variety of cleaning solutions. Make sure you have a proper solution (no acidic, alkaline or flammable solutions). The MakerSpace has Tickopur R 33. It a cleaning agent for removing grinding- and polishing residues, oil and grease residues with a corrosion protection. The corrosion protection will protect the cleaned object for a limited time against rust.

Often water will work.

The Tickopur R 33 needs to be deluded. Use 1% to 5% Tickopur depending on the needs.

The cleaning solution does not need to be replaced after each cleaning. When the solution is dirty or the cleaning power did decrease significantly the solution needs to be replaced.

When cleaning small objects you can place demineralised water in the bath (2/3 filled) and place a glass measuring cup with the cleaning solution and your objects. This will save cleaning agent. Don’t forget to degas this small amount of solution before use.

Degassing: When a new batch of cleaning solution is placed the solution needs to be degassed. A new solution will contain gas bubbles and dissolved gases. With these gasses in the Ultrasonic cleaner will not function correctly. There for the cleaning process will take much longer. Unplug the machine from the power. Place the solution in the Ultrasonic cleaner Switch the power switch on the back of the cleaner to on. Press the Temp+ buttons or Temp- button to enter a temperature a few degrees higher then will be used for cleaning and press the On/Off button below the buttons. When the solution is at the entered temperature use the Time+ button to enter 10 min. and press the On/Off button below. After the 10 min. the solutions should be degassed.

Cleaning process: Make sure you have the correct cleaning solution. Both for the cleaner as for your object. Press the Temp+ buttons or Temp- button to enter a temperature a few degrees higher then will be used for cleaning and press the On/Off button below. The heating of the solution takes very long, be prepared when you want to clean at 50 degrees or higher. Keep the lid on the cleaner, without it the heating will take even longer. Often no heating of the cleaning solution is needed. When the solution is at the entered temperature place the object(s) which need to be cleaned in the basket and place the basket in the bath. Enter the time for the cleaning cycle with the Time+ and Time - buttons and press the On/Off button below. The maximum time is 30 min. After 30 min of running the cleaner needs to be turned off completely and be cooled down for 30 min before using again. Take out the basket when done and rinse the objects with demineralised water, dry it with some pressured air and execute the appropriate steps for your specific object. Turn off the cleaner with the power switch on the back. When the solution has cooled down empty the cleaner making use of the valve and the hose which is attached. When the solution is still usable put the solution in the plastic jerry cans. If you made a new batch of cleaning solution write on the jerry can what’s in which ratio was used when deluding it. Clean the Ultrasonic cleaner following the intrusions in 9. Power off and cleaning instructions.

Power On / Off

Powerrr: There is a power switch at the back of the cleaner.

On off.png

Remember to switch the cleaner off after use.

Cleaning instructions

The Ultrasonic cleaner needs to be cleaned when the cleaning solutions is dirt or if there is a lot of grid in the bath. Pieces of grid can act like a drill during operation. Make sure the solution has cooled down before taking the solution out. Empty the bath. Drain the solution in the jerry cans if it’s still usable. When it’s not usable dispose of it properly. Rinse off the bath with water. Rinse the basket with water. Wipe off the cleaner, basket and the bath with a piece of cloth. Rinse the hose after use.

Ous made a nice drainage system for the cleaner. In default there is a hose attached to the outlet of the cleaner. This hose is connected to the drainage system of the metal sink in the little hallway. To dispose of the cleaning agent use this connection.

Ultrasoon drain.png
Ultrasoon drain2.png

There is also a loose hose with a Gardena connector (atm on the torq winder). This hose can be used to place the cleaning agent is jerry can's for re-use. We need to find a good place for the hose. The hose is 3 meters long. When we found a nice place for it we also need to determine how long the hose needs to be.

Please clean out the hoses after use.

Please don't use the hose for other purposes.

Please place the loose hose back where it belongs.

Section on known issues/surprises

The heating of the solution takes ages. When needing heat for the cleaning of your object make sure you will have an afternoon available.

Out of order instructions

Unplug and place a notice on it. Report to the board of the MakerSpace.

Maintenance instructions; regular and special

Parts & reordering

When needed a new bottle of Tickopur R 33 needs to be orded. Please do so (under 25 euro/liter is fine). And sent the receipt to het Bestuur.

The cleaning solutions may irritate the skin, damage your eyes and cause serious damage when ingested. Read the advice on the bottle.

You can buy demineralised water at Kruidvat ( 0,45€/liter)

How to dispose

Check the bottle used - generally can be flushed down the drain.

Things about how it is installed, wired, etc if not trivial.


1. The Ultrasonic cleaner PS 60A was bought on 09-08-2019 2. It was placed in the MakerSpace on 16-08-2019 3. It was taking into commission on 02-09-2019

Section on ownership

The Ultrasonic cleaner was bought with donations of: Dirk-Willem van Gulik, Fulco Zee, Ous, Dougal Bleekrode. The remaing part of the bill was paid by the MakerSpace.