Hembrug DrillPress BoorKolom PillarDrill

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This equipment is safety category 4:

  • In-person, instructions strongly advised but not mandatory.
  • Reading, and following, the instructions on the Wiki is mandatory!

This equipment is Noise Category 2:
Can be used at all hours, but in moderation.
Be considerate; if you feel you need to wear ear protection,
then only use the tool between 07:00 and 19:00.

safety sheet drill press

Page about the changes/setup of the Hembrug pillar dril.

Safety Relay, Stop button

A safety relay was added; with a 4-6 amp current limiters along with an emergency stop button. Normal ground/earth wiring was added.

The current rotary switch does NOT allow for a switch-on block when in the wrong position. We need to find a replacement switch.



Likely dalander switched.

Dalander1.png Dalander2.png