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(Doorverwezen vanaf Hoofdpagina)
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For general information about the Makerspace Leiden check our main website.

This Wiki is for members (or deelnemers). We collectively maintain our documentation of tools, processes and what not here.


A list of all the Tools we have documented; or by group:

We have quite a few more tools. These are just not (yet) documented. Ask on the mailing list to arrange for in-situ instructions and help.


We have some procedures to manage the MakerSpace:

And some general principles:

  • Always try to leave the space cleaner than you found it.
  • All tools have a place -- so put tools back where you found them.
  • If it is a mess; speak up & clean up. If you find a machine in a mess; clean it or do no use it. If you use it - it becomes your sole responsibility to clean things up. No ifs. No buts.
  • If things run out - replenish them, reorder them or at the very least report it to the mailing lists. Receipts can go into the jar (with your name on it) or to the Hans.
  • Be excellent & try to not be on fire.

Safety and Noise

Safety is not optional. Following the Rules and Instructions are mandatory (and generally a good idea if you value your hands/legs/eyes and what not). We have a few machines that will happily rip your arm off or blast your eye out.

Read this list of all tools that have mandatory safety instructions at least once.

Equipment in the highest Categorie:NoiseCat1 cannot be used after before 07:00 and 19:00 (these are machines which require earprotecting too).

When using Categorie:NoiseCat2 in the evenings - do consider our neighbours. If you need earmuffs - you are probably too loud.

Reference information


About this wiki

This wiki is the result of voluntary work by members, and has grown over the years, often in a non-structured way. Please be patient and offer your help if you find something missing or wrong.

You can do so by asking to be given an account or, at the very least, write on the mailing list:


Older content

These pages contain useful information, but they need some work.