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Label printer

How to use

There is a big manual and a couple of quick start cards for different purposes, in the box. Read at least the titles of the Quickstart cards and the whole Quickstart card that is applicable. before continuing.

=== Choosing the right tape width

Open the back of the label writer and look which tape cartridge is loaded. We have different widths of tape. ½ Inch 12 mm is small, ¾ inch 19 mm is medium and 1 inch 24 mm is broad. Choose the width you need and chance cartridge if needed. Be careful when chatting the cartridge. The cartridge holds two tape. Black carbon tape and white vinyl on which the text is printed. Be careful that both tapes stay together and are both behind the small printer head. The end of the white tape must be between the two small notices of the cartridge. If it is retracted, just move it between the notches a few millimetres.

Don't change cartridges if not necessary as you lose a piece of tape with every chance. Just leave the cartridge you used in the labelprinter.

Starting the labelprinter

At the moment there are no batteries in the labelprinter, just connect the power adapter and put the adapter in a mains outlet. Follow the Quickstart guide and make a test print with a short test word, e.g TEST, before trying long texts.

If you run in any trouble, consult the big manual. If that doesn't solve the problem., please send a mail to the mailing list. If tape runs out, that is, you loaded the last cartridge of specific width, please send a mail to the mailinglist stating which width is running out.

After use

Please put the labelprinter, all manuals, quickstart guides and cartridges back in the black plastic box and cartridge box.


In black plastic box, on top shelf of right electronic bench in the small hall.


When we run out of labels - new ones can be bought at Wolfslag, & expensed with the trustees.

Tapes like Dymo S0718210 / 18483 IND Rhino stick really well to tools.

Bij Wolfgang kosten de betreffende tapes (Dymo S0718210 en 18483 IND Rhino) Euro 24, 17 excl. BTW bij kosten ze maar Euro 13,50 incl. BTW.

Note: A.t.m. we are out of tape. I put a request on the wishlist#Wishlist for 'deelnemersraad' approval to buy a stock of new cartridges, so we have plenty of really good sticking tape of different sizes BartV (overleg)

On Loan

Owend by Aart (zie Category:OnLoan).

This equipment is Noise Category 3: Can be used at all hours. No limits.

This equipment is safety category 6: Other equipment with no limits.