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Draaibank / Lathe : DR_2L (LED)

Digitale Readout (2 Linealen) op de Huvema HU760 Draaibank voor metaal.

DRL Lathe DR_2L (LED)

Handleiding: [Delos DR_2L].

Staande Frees / Abene: DLS-3V (LCD)

3 assen, XYZ, digitale readout (digitale linealen) voor op de Abene VHF3 Metaalfrees machine.

DRO Abene DLS-3V (LCD)

Handleiding: [Delos DLS-3V].



Bought by the space summer 2020.

Abene mill display replacement

Over the 2023/2024 winter holidays, the LCD display in the Abene DRO (the DLS-3V) failed. User:PeterBosch confirmed that it was due to the flex PCB starting to separate from the panel's Chip-On-Glass style controller. This type of failure is not repairable, and as such the entire panel needed to be replaced.

The replacement panel was bought from this AliExpress listing (careful - the default option is "only touch" - which means only a digitizer fitting the module, and we need "only lcd" - the LCD itself).

After installing the new panel, the DRO appears to be fully functional again.


Singals/pinning DRO linealen


  • Abene:
* X: 750mm – DLS-W-750 mm
* Y: 500mm – DLS-W-500 mm
* Z: 200mm – DLS-W-250 mm
  • Lathe
* X: 760mm: DLS-W-800 mm
* Y: 160mm: DLS-S-200 mm compacte liniaal
Afmetingen DRO linealen

Handle with care - fragile ! Handle with care.
This is a (precision) measurement tool with exact dimensions and straightness.
That means: handle it gently, don't hammer on it or use it as a crowbar and so on.
(if you need a crowbar - these are wonderful for that!)

It is very important that if you accidentally drop it or think it may be out of line

  • either mark the tool very clearly...
  • or report this to the mailing list...

...so that your fellow makers do not ruin their work.