Hembrug DrillPress BoorKolom PillarDrill

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This equipment is safety category 4:

  • In-person, instructions strongly advised but not mandatory.
  • Reading, and following, the instructions on the Wiki is mandatory!

This equipment is Noise Category 2:
Can be used at all hours, but in moderation.
Be considerate; if you feel you need to wear ear protection,
then only use the tool between 07:00 and 19:00.

safety sheet drill press

Page about the changes/setup of the Hembrug pillar dril.

  1. Handle for up/down of the head. Clockwise for down; Counterclockwise for up. Do not forget to (un)tighten handle 9.
  2. Handle for the speed.
  3. Hole through which you can see the current speed. The lower number is for "speed I" the high number for 'speed 2" (they are exactly 2x apart).
  4. Speed switch;; 0 is off, 1 is low speed and 2 is twice as fast.
  5. The normal on/off switches; prevents the machine from switching on spontaneously after a power failure -and- enforce a current limit/emergency stop.
  6. Emergency button. Do not use as an on-off button !
  7. Limiters for the travel
  8. Small scale; which you can adjust to see the travel in mm.
  9. Handle to lock vertical travel.
  10. Keyless drill chuck (taper not yet measures)

Safety Relay, Stop button

A safety relay was added; with a 4-6 amp current limiters along with an emergency stop button. Normal ground/earth wiring was added.

The current rotary switch does NOT allow for a switch-on block when in the wrong position. We need to find a replacement switch.



Likely [dalander switched]. We do not have a NC on the 'off' to prevent start when on.

Dalander1.png Dalander2.png