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One of the protective lens covers has a crack. Being fixed (I took HDMI cable too) (dirkx/2021-05-30)


We have a 3D scanner based on a Microsoft XBox Kinekt device, the [Skanect] software and a Mac Mini.

Still to do

  1. Write better manual

Instructions for use

  • Log in as Guest
  • Start the Scanekt Software (in /Applications) vierkante smiley dan opent nieuw scherm, linkerbalk vind je applications, en kies dan skanect
  • Configure for a BOX scan (1x1 is about righ for a think - 3x3 for a person).(kies object of body)
  • Go through each of the steps in Scannekt.
  • resultaat kan je bewaren als .stl (share, export model)
  • Save the resulting file (PLY) to a USB disk or SD card (slot is on the back, left hand side)


Check, every 2-3 months, of all updates ran.

Reinstall from 'zero'

See 3D Scanner - installation notes for more information.


The Mac Mini, Kinekt and PSU are owned by Dirk-Willem van Gulik (zie Category:OnLoan) and to be kept at the makerspace at all times. No exceptions.

The UK/NL adapter was donated by Hans. The screen, HMDI/DVI cable and mouse were donated by Hans Beerman.


This equipment is safety category 5: Equipment that is relatively fragile or expensive

  • In person instructions is not mandatory.
  • Reading the wiki, and following the instructions, is mandatory.

This equipment is Noise Category 3: Can be used at all hours. No limits.

Dit gereedschap is van Dirk-Willem en in bruikleen gegeven aan de Space.
Let bij het gebruik op de extra regels.