Decoupeerzaag (Electric Jigsaw)

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This equipment is safety category 6: Other equipment with no limits.

This equipment is Noise Category 2: Can be used at all hours, but in moderation.
Be considerate; if you feel you need to wear ear protection, then only use the tool between 07:00 and 19:00.


We have several electrical jigsaws (of Decoupeerzagen in het Nederlands). See also the Figuurzaag / Handheld Jigsaw and its electrical equivalent.

Label them for Wood or Metal?



Bril op! Gehoorbescherming op!

Safety glasses on! Ear protection on!

dust control

You probably want to attach one of the vacuum cleaners or MOT units to contain dust. Use a dusk mask when working with unhealthy wood types (e.g. certain tropical types, MDF, etc) for prolonged periods of time.


Blades break easily; spare ones cost around a 5 for a pack of 5 or so. New ones are above the woodshop bench (though we run out regularly).

If you need blades for them; [Hartwijk] and the local builder shops usually have them. You really want the right type for wood, metal or whatever you are sawing. Most people keep a set of private ones.

If you want to be re-imbursed; keep the receipt & tell the mailing lists that you've bought them.


These machines are for wood and metal; but acrylic and similar materials work fine.

Metal use

Do not use the machine in the woodshop for metal (to avoid contaminating the wood with oil and filing; this ruining peoples lacquer).

Instead take one of the machines from the cupboard to the metal shop and use it there. And clean well afterwards.