Metal Drills

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This equipment is safety category 6: Other equipment with no limits.

This equipment is Noise Category 3: Can be used at all hours. No limits.


We keep a set of 1-13 mm drills in steps of 0.5 for general use next to the Arboga GM 2508 Geared Head Drill Press Pillar Drill.

There is also a set of 0.3 to 3.2 in the drawer below it.


There is a 2-weekly chore to replace any missing/blunt drills from those we keep in supply in the drawer.

Do not take drills from the supply needlessly. Either the drill in the box is blunt and needs to be replaced. Or it is not. And then you use the drill in the box.

Or in other words -- you should not take a drill from supplies unless the previous one is too blunt. If you feel your work is so important that you can only use brand new drills - then buy them personally and keep them in your cabinet. But no dipping into the supplies and putting the drill back into the supply case after your special-snowflake use. Ok?

Blunt drills go into the blunt-tools transparent box near the toilets.

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Owned by Space; regularly replaced as part of a chore.