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Thermocouple meter

This equipment is Noise Category 3: Can be used at all hours. No limits.

This equipment is safety category 5: Equipment that is relatively fragile or expensive

  • In person instructions is not mandatory.
  • Reading the wiki, and following the instructions, is mandatory.

The space has a K-thermocouple thermometer with several probes; including a 'long' one to stick into ovens.

Read this manual for the instructions.

Note - we're not quite sure that the low cost (but quite accurate) 30cm stick actually is able to measure the full temperature range. So do not feel guilty if it melts - do report it though (so we can order a proper one).

See also the FLIR camera and Optical Thermometer.

Box content

  • One meter (needs 9v battery)
  • One 30cm 'stick' probe
  • Two short wire probes
  • 2 page manual


Thermocouple meter

3D Printer rack in wooden box - near the FLIR camera.

History and Ownership

Bought by the space March 2024 with 3 probes.

Last battery change 2023/03/29.