Wood Bandsander

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This equipment is safety category 4:

  • In-person, instructions strongly advised but not mandatory.
  • Reading, and following, the instructions on the Wiki is mandatory!

This equipment is Noise Category 2:
Can be used at all hours, but in moderation.
Be considerate; if you feel you need to wear ear protection,
then only use the tool between 07:00 and 19:00.

This equipment is should be used with active dust control.
Connect the shopvac prior to use.

Green Wood bandsander in the wood shop. Be sure to use dust control !

Usually on the bench at the far end; next to the OscillatingBobbinSander and AfkortZaag.

See also the hand held Hand_Bandsanders

Dust control

Dust control is mandatory. See the picture below for where to connect the hose when using the disk; the connection for the band is the one on the back that is easy to spot. Be sure to open just the one valve you need to get the best suction.

Bandsander aansluting

History and ownership

Owned by the space

datum info
2019-02-24 Replaced band and put new bearing in (dirkx)
2020-03-22 Replaced capacitor, added connector for dustcontrol disk (alex)