Graden V-Block

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This equipment is safety category 6: Other equipment with no limits

This equipment is Noise Category 3: Can be used at all hours. No limits.

Handle with care - fragile ! Handle with care.

Dit is een precise instrument / This is a (precision) measurement tool with exact dimensions and straightness.

That means tapping it gently; but not hammering, using it as a crowbar and so on.

It is very important that if you accidentally drop it; or think it may be out of line - that you either mark the tool very clearly -- or report this to the mailing list. So that your fellow makers do not ruin their work.

123 Block

Verstelbaar V-Block. Used in the same way as V-Blocks; except adjustable. Be careful with this tool - it is surprisingly fragile.

Zie ook de 123-Blocks en het V-Blocks.

On Loan

On loan - owner; Dirk-Willem van Gulik