Wood Drills

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This equipment is safety category 6: Other equipment with no limits.

This equipment is Noise Category 3: Can be used at all hours. No limits.

There are two sets of 3-10 mm wood drills in the workshop. These are meant for wood ONLY -- and are very useful when drilling in tropical/hard woords.


Do not use them for anything else. The very small points will break off.


These drills are for wood only

See also the HSS Drills for general purpose drilling and Spade drills for larger holes. Or the Gaten zaag if you need to drill very large holes.

Maintenance / Replacing

These tools will wear out - and the space will replace them.

Ask on the mailing lists to get them ordered --or-- buy a set from [Hartwijk] or the Gamma (about the same price - the Hartwijk ones are better quality) and give the receipt to one of the Trustees. Anything under 15 euro's for 6-18 of them is OK.